Monday, February 18, 2013

2008 Chrysler town and country mini van: Sliding Door Not Working?

Left Sliding Door Not Working

Chrysler Sliding Door Fuse

First inspect the fuse controlling sliding door.

Left sliding door module is powered by fuse J11 and it's a 30 amp fuse. The fuse box is located under the hood right next to the battery. On the fuse box lid you will see diagram showing all the fuse location numbers. Find J11 on the diagram of the locations and then you can locate the fuse in the box.

Take a look at the fuse and see if it looks ok visually.
Another possibility to check fuse is by voltmeter.If you have a voltmeter you can check continuity of the fuse to make sure it's blown, or you can swap it out with any other 30 amp fuse in the box and then see if the door starts working again. Once in a while a fuse can be broken or blown in a way that's not easy to see by eye, if you test it or swap it with another then you can be sure you've ruled the fuse out.So try it before you are confirm its working or not.

If there is no power at all to the electrically operated sliding door then its faulty fuse.If the fuse is working then it can be faulty sliding door switch or its wiring issue.

These details will help.


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