Monday, February 18, 2013

2010 Jeep Wrangler:Front Wheels Bounce and Vehicle Out Of Control

Front wheels vibrate violently While Driving Above 50 KMPH

Its a front end collision rebuilt vehicle,bought from salvage yard with a salvage yard certificate.

There are few possibilities for this problem to arise:

1) Get complete inspection  done of any steering components that aren't new. Like any loose tie rod end, ball joint, track bar or control arm bushing will contribute to this.

2) Next get the alignment checked. If caster is too far positive it will cause this. Since it's been in a front end collision this could be an issue

3) If all the basics checked out ok. Then, the main cause of this is a weak steering damper, which mounts between the right axle tube and right drag link. 

It's job is to absorb road input to the steering to prevent the exact problem you are having. The original dampers on these were very small, especially if there is a lift or over sized tires on the vehicle. If you still have problems after checking alignment and replacing any loose front end parts then I would recommend replacing the steering damper with a heavy duty aftermarket one.Please don't go for low quality cheap auto parts.They don't give required performance and don't last long.

Hope these will help.

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