Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chrysler Lebaron Convertible: Solution For Dash lights Not Working

Illuminating Dash lights Not working

Here;s the details about the car and the problem:
1994 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible And Engine: v6 Mitsubishi

The gauge cluster speedometer in middle, rev/ tacometer on left., and temp/oil pressure/charging meter on left. 
Everything works except the illuminating lights on the dash. 

As  per current details the gauges work all the llights like check engine light turn on. When I use the switch to increase brightness on the illumine lights the map lights turn on but not the dash lights. 

The little center gauge light for miles per gallon is on. 
Also I see radio light on. All the indicator high beam low beam dims bright work. I checked all the fuses.. Only the illumination light on dash dont work.

Also tried checking  inspecting with other known good working cluster board,but problem is exactly the same.
Please Help !!!!!!!!!!

The Troubleshooting Details Are As Follows:----

The issue seems to be very clear.As what you said earlier if the cluster was replaced with a known good one and fuses are ok then its either  headlamp switch problem or a broken wire between the switch and the cluster.
At these stage i suggest  checking for power leaving the switch, if there is none but the fuses are ok then the problem is internal in the switch and it will need to be replaced. If there is power leaving the switch but not making it to the cluster then you know the wire is broken somewhere in the harness.

As per your vehicles model and year mentioned, it says:---

The Schematics diagram is showing the illumination powered by the body control module and all circuits leave the BCM as one wire. If the radio and a/c control head light both are working ok then its clear that the circuit is being powered. 

And about the wires to be checked,you will have to  pull the instrument cluster back out and find the solid orange wire in the black connector, check this one for battery voltage with the lamps turned on.

Also without forget check for ground on the black/orange.

Clients Reply:

Problem Solved:
I Checked ground and its good. There is lots of power. Went back check fuse 8= illumine lights. 5 amp fuse , bad. Replaced 5 amp fuse.And is back to normal.
So it was just a fuse problem.