Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chrysler Town & Country:Air bag light coming on intermittently

Passenger Side air bag light coming on intermittently

warning light on dash
Problem noticed on 2006 Chrysler Town & Country.


First of all please confirm that when the light illuminates, do you have anything sitting on the passenger seat?

The possibility for this problem to occur can be issue with sensor.

The call back sensor by the bumper.

The sensors out under the bumper cover area are the impact sensors. If there was a problem with them then the airbag light would be coming on and not just the passenger airbag lamp disable light. But in your case only passenger side air bag light is coming ON.But still inspect the impact sensors.

But as per the problem mentioned the passenger airbag light will come on when there are certain amounts of weight in the seat or when there is an issue with that part of the system. 

The first thing that needs to be done is see if there are any fault codes storing in the airbag module and occupant classification module. The occupant classification module (OCM) is the module that monitors the weight in the passenger seat. Get this module scanned to confirm if there is any error code stored.That will help you troubleshoot the problem further.

Now the main issue.Which is mostly seen on such cases.Inside the right front seat there is a bladder type weight sensor that weighs the passenger and the OCM determines how hard the airbag should be deployed. If the light is coming on it's because the sensor is reporting a weight in the seat under 100 pounds or there is a fault code setting. 

If there are no codes stored in the module and no weight is being put in the seat at the times the light is on then either the OCM or the weight sensor could be bad, more likely it would be the sensor. If this was the case then it would need to be diagnosed while it's acting up which sounds like it's going to be tough to do. Because when problem is not there,you cannot confirm the fault.

If you are under 100 pounds and the light comes on with you in the seat, or if there is something fairly heavy but under 100 pounds in the seat when it comes ON.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.