Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dodge Ram will not start

No Start Problem on Dodge Ram

It used to start and run but it dies n few seconds.

Can it be security or kill switch problem.

The red "security" light is lit up, but that light is always been on.

Also Error codes are there on super chip,P0513 invalid skim key.

The vehicle is diesel engine 5.9 2006 Dodge Ram

The red light on dash board is blinking when these happens.

OK, Here is the troubleshooting details for these problem 

The engine is dying because of the SKIM system.
The SKIM System  uses a transponder chip in the key that communicates with a module in the steering column, the wireless control module (WCM).

For these particular case as per our garage repair experience you either have a failed key or a failed WCM. It's starting and dying with the Security light flashing because the ECM, WCM and key don't all agree.

Usually disconnecting the battery or puling the IOD fuse will allow a locked up WCM to work again, but not always. 

Now to know at fault is stored in your case.A scan tool is going to need to be used to see what fault codes have set and go from there. Either the key has failed and isn't being recognized by the WCM or the WCM itself is the issue. Both are possible.There will be stored fault codes that are necessary as a basis for diagnosis and then a dealer level scan tool along with a special code obtained from Chrysler are going to be necessary to program the replacement part, whichever it is.

If the Security Light had been coming on by itself in the past but the engine ran fine then there is a good chance the WCM was causing that and is likely the issue now. There have been many more WCM issues with these trucks than key issues.

The P0513 is going to be related, it sets when the SKIM key code doesn't match the SKIM module. You've either got a failed key or WCM. If the WCM was damaged when the truck was broken into that would explain the issue happening right afterward.

As per my knowledge and experience it's not going to just be a fuse, it will either be a failed WCM or key. Either way it's going to take a dealer level scan tool and a code obtained from Chrysler's database to repair the issue, so a dealer or a mechanic with the proper equipment is going to be necessary.