Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oil light beeps when the engine is warm

Oil Light Issues And Engine Getting Warm

The Details About the Problem:

1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager  just bought with about 120K miles. The engine oil light beeps when the engine is warm.
The oil was recently replaced and it still happens.

Troubleshooting Details For The Problem

It's quite possible that there is actual low oil pressure due to an internal engine issue, but if you aren't hearing any abnormal engine noises that's probably not the case.

But as per your vehicle details, at our Auto Garage repair store one thing that often happens is a failed oil pressure sending unit. This is the sensor that is fed oil pressure and reports it to the powertrain control module. What often happens is the membrane inside the sensor will rupture and then it allows oil to leak through the sensor and into the electrical connector and it causes the oil light to come on at stops when hot, when oil pressure is naturally at it's lowest anyway.

To take care of these problem i suggest you to first  unplug the oil sender and see if there is oil in the connector. If there is then it will need to be cleaned out and the sender replaced.

If  you notice there is no leakage  then a manual oil pressure gauge can be used to check actual oil pressure. If pressure is ok when the engine is hot, idling in gear then the sender will need to be replaced.

If pressure is found to actually be low then you could have an oil pump or bearing issue in the engine.

Getting these possibilities inspected will help.

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