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Tips To Fix Exhaust Leak

Exhaust Leak Issues And Its Solutions

Don,t Ignore Exhaust leak issues to get it repaired later.
A minor exhaust problem will get into major issue in no time.

When there is a exhaust leak on your vehicle, the vehicle overall performance will get low and gas mileage will be less as compared to its actual gas consumption.

Also the dangerous fumes will be released from exhaust pipe and these problem get easily noticed.

Below We Will Share You Few Basic Tips To Deal With Exhaust Leak Issues:

Many a times you notice exhaust problem while driving ,these problems start-up is very slow and later it increases.
When the problem is minor and you don't keep proper eye on your vehicle maintenance then you will not come to know if its started o not.And suddenly some day while driving it occurs and you will have to rush to mechanic.
But on some cases if there is no possibility for mechanic to reach your car quickly, then that will disturb your journey and time get wasted.

On that cases please make sure you keep your basic car repair tool kit handy.
Car repair tool kit contains few most essential tools,that helps you in urgency to deal with minor car problems,when there is no chance of mechanic to reach your car quickly.

Locating the Place Of Leak:

Locating the area of leak is very necessary,because if you dont know that then where you will start.

Figuring out how to fix an exhaust leak is needless if you don't know where the  actually leak is started.
To locate the area of leak will definitely take time.
Now all depends upon the size of leak.It can be major leak or minor leak.If its minor leak,then you know , it will get shut off after driving the car for few miles. And these happens due to heat as the heat will make the metal around the hole to expand. As you are not the professional car repair mechanic,you will not know these things. So if you feel there exists a very small leak and its difficult to find then  start your diagnosis after the car cools down to normal temperature.

Once the vehicle cools down,you can continue you search:-----

There are two techniques to look for it:

One is blocking your exhaust tail.

First apply emergency brakes ON. Then start your car and softly accelerate.
When the vehicle accelerate the fumes will get created and find its way to escape. But because the tail is clogged, the fumes should try to escape from where the leaking hole is.

But on some cases the first method does not help much,in that case you will have to crawl down the vehicle to visually trace the leaking area.

Its not very hard to do that in day light.But if you are doing it at dark,then keep the battery handy with ample of light.It will never leak from anywhere,there are certain places in the exhaust pipe where the leak is mostly noticed. The areas where leaks will occur are the pipe joints, welds, and rusted areas of the pipe. You will also see buildup of black carbon from the fumes on the leaking point, so keep an eye out for such spots.

Other parts to inspect are gasket and manifold. They get faulty with age. Check out for any cracks around them that happen with age or due to exposure to excessive heat.
Now with these basic techniques you will most probably locate the area of leak.Whether its major or minor leak.
But that's not your aim.You main aim is to stop the leak.

Go through basics of How to Fix the Exhaust Leak:

It all depends where the leak is coming from.

  • If its faulty gasket causing the leak then it has to be replaced,that's the best option.

Always sand down  or apply fresh silver spray paint to joints and curving ends of the pipe when you replace the gasket. Doing this helps to seal the minor leak areas of pipe.

  • But if the leak is not in the gasket and its from the exhaust pipe itself then for temporary fix you can use crude quick fix that will work for about few weeks, till you get your replacement carried out.

There are many such sealant available at auto part stores
You can get a kit for fixing holes up. High temperature silicone sealant. 
Other alternatives for longer time are JB Weld and  RTV silicone seems a good option .

These details will help you to deal with sudden exhaust leak noticed on your vehicle while driving.
Hope you deal with it properly with the help of these basic tricks.


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