Monday, February 11, 2013

What To Do When Car Stalls?

Car stalls while driving

When your vehicle is running fine,it makes you feel good and your journey becomes comfortable.And travelling becomes enjoyment.
But suddenly if you notice that your car is not performing well.The car breakdown in middle of road and car stalling and giving jerks while driving.
These not only makes you frustrated but also gives you certain kind of embarrassment.

Also it looks awkward and makes you worried,about how to handle this situation.

Here we will share you the tips and fix to deal with these problems:----

How to Deal With Car Stalling Problem And How to Fix Vehicle Stalling Problems.

In the recent Automobile market there are number of new car brands getting launched.
Some give good performance and some comes with few problems to worry.

Car stalling is noticed due to many reasons.The most common reason for your car dealing with any problem is car not maintained very well,car not got properly serviced on time or not serviced at all.Lack of proper fuel and oil used.
Driving habits and other driving conditions.

Always keep a jack and car repair tool kit ready  in your car, you never know what problem will occur suddenly.

If you are driving your car and it stalls and stops running,then make sure you don't touch any engine related assembly parts,because it will be very hot to touch.

Most Common Reason For Car stalling And Possible Fix To Deal With The Car Stalling:

1) There is No Ample Of Gas In you Car:

Probably the most frequent cause for your car or truck to stall while driving on the road is simply because there is no gas in the engine. 
There are many possibilities, and few of the following reasons are:---

A blocked or clogged exhaust pipe: The common reason for this is larger sized foreign object gets caught up in the exhaust pipe.

The Issues Related To Fuel injector failure: Many a times  Unburn fuel particles get solidify inside the fuel line eventually or other debris may clog the fuel line.

Fuel line Leaking: Heating up of the fuel line or rust over time can cause metallic fuel pipe to crack down, leaking out fuel or air.

Using Non -Recommended Old or bad gas: If you are not driving too much then its suggested to replace the fuel while you drive.If your car has been sitting unused for quite some time, the fuel in it has gone bad.If you are driving every week for a while then its not necessary to replace fuel while you drive.Its like if you drive after few moths then don't use the previous fuel in it. This consists of the fuel in the fuel pipe as well as the carburetor. The problem with this is the unwanted dirt particle remains that may get left behind when the bad fuel is used.

No Electric power to Fire up Required Gas

Yes the car stalling will be noticed if there isn't enough electric charge to burn up fuel in the engine.

Damaged  or Cracked electrical connections & Wires: This happens by age,the connectors and wires gets old and form a crack in them and get bit loose from its actual fitting.The other possibility is bad assembly while refitting connections.

Rusted electrical fittings: This leads to a poor firing or no firing of the injector, stalling the car.

Driving on Slopes OR Downhill:
If you are regularly driving a vehicle up and down a hill,then in that case there are chances that your vehicles fuel filter may get clogged. Due to that required fuel will not reach engine and that cause stalling. On that case just get your fuel filter replaced.

Idling Issues Also Cause Stalling Problem:
The reason for that can be faulty idle air control valve.If your vehicle idles low then  You need to replace IAC valve.

One more reason for car stalling is dirty  throttle body from inside. 

On such cases to take care of these problem take the clamps off the rubber hose attached to the throttle, spray it with some carburetor cleaner and scrub it off with a toothbrush.
Please make sure you perform these process when engine and vehicle is absolutely cold/cool.
Or the problem can also be with the fuel injector. In these case you can just add some fuel injector cleaner or carb cleaner to the engine system. That will thoroughly clean the dirt off.

On Some cases the car actually runs fine but while starting With the AC On the car stalls:

So If in your case also the car stalls immediately when you start with the AC on, get your battery inspected. Your battery is probably weak and needs charging. Test the battery voltage. But hold on if the car stalls on low speed driving  with your AC on, then its not battery issue but there is a problem with your idling command. This happens if the idle air controller has gone bad. It has to be tested and replaced.

Gear Shit Issues:

While driving through stick (manual gear control), the car stalls if gears are not shifting right. The engine output should match the vehicle running speed.The car will stall if the engine output does not match the required output, which occurs if you put the car in improper gear.

How To deal the Situations When your Vehicle stalls Suddenly in a crowded area or in the middle of highway:

Car stalls in the midst of a busy highway, many new drivers get confused and in some cases major accidents take place.So if suddenly these happens with you then very first thing you should do is switch to neutral for better control. Instantly turn on your flashers to alert the drivers behind you that there's something drastically wrong with your car.

Then next thing to do is get your car to the side of the road from middle of the highway. For that apply the brakes as slowly as you can, while you start to turn to the side of the road. Now once you have reached successfully on the sidewalk, analyse the damage and get help if necessary from near by auto repair garage.

Sometimes vehicle stalls while driving In High Waters.
These is noticed because there is water entered on the ignition components, stopping them from generating the required spark. On these times use a bit of common sense and  don't keep on turning the ignition, you might blow the spark plug. And may be need new spark plug.If that happens, get your car towed to dry area where you can inspect your vehicles ignition components and dry the water from the component.

Safety Measures:
Just don't get hyper or panicked in these conditions,be cool and calm enough to handle the situation.Simply because there is no such car made,which will not give any problem.
Just make sure you get your vehicle regularly serviced and maintain it well so these problems will be very rare to occur.

Hope These Helps you to deal and tackle the situation when your vehicle stalls.
Thanks for reading these Article.


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